Thursday, May 30, 2019

A Typical American Wedding Essay -- Personal Narrative Writing

A Typical American WeddingMarriage. Are there any specifications to when someone gets hook up with? When is it the appropriate succession to get married? All these questions swarm my mind day after day as I envision my wedding. I dont believe those questions wear a correct answer, plainly can only be answered by that person who is considering marriage. I on the other hand seem to answer those questions every day and develop a new answer everyday. As of right now I have been with my boyfriend, Forrest, for 3 years and two months. According to my stipulations of when to become engaged, I believe it should have already happened. We have each discussed it numerous times. My mom has subscriptions of wedding magazines that seem to arrive just as I walk into the door to visit, and my niece already refers to him as her uncle, yet I do not have a ring I have thrown out every hint to him, from brochures of ring settings, to take up subjects of other friends who are engaged, but still no p roposal. As the holidays and my graduation approach, I anticipate the idea of an engagement. Although it may seem that I am eager to expedite this memorable event, it is also obvious to point out that there are many arrangements and a lot of stress that is tacked on to proviso a wedding. First, I will have to acknowledge that I will have to deal with my family who has been sitting on pins and needles waiting for this day, possibly more so than myself, and of course there is the strategic plans. Since I have been waiting for this day, I have talked with my cousins fiance, foolishness, who has gone through this very similar delay of a proposal. I had to listen to her gripes and now she gets to listen to mine. But fortunately her time has come and she has gone from ... ... Two words of advice for brides-to-be. First, Be shacked up for at least a year because living with Kevin makes it so easy to marry him. I know what I am in for and I am marrying him with no doubts Second, Have a l engthy engagement to make sure your wedding includes every detail you want. Youll have time to save needed money for all the extras and youll have time to make everything happen. Last, I am adding a word for the grooms. If you are shacked up dont even think about surprising your girl with a ring, just do it within a year or your engagement will be an ultimatum. Personally I believe weddings are beautiful, but after witnessing many conflictions that Lyssa has gone through, I have learned that there are other aspects to planning a wedding. But in the end it is all worth it, and I anticipate watching the actual wedding of Kevin and Lisa on February 2nd.

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